Paris is ALWAYS a good idea!!!! Part 2

Père Lachaise

Like said in part 1 of “Paris is always a good idea” I found things to do that I hadn’t before.
I went to Père Lachaise, the famous cemetery of Paris. It is way bigger than I thought it would be.
There are a lot of famous people buried here but I wanted to visit Jim Morrison and Edith Piaf. After walking around for a while and searching for the well known grave, we found a little grave with flowers and a bottle of Whiskey. Yes Jim Morrison is laying there.
His grave is less impressive than I imagined and a little bit hide so you really have to look for it.
So after finding the first one I had to find Edith Piaf, a great french chanteuse, resting in peace here in Paris.

Jim Morrison’s grave

Edith Piaf’s resting place






After la Fondation Louis Vuitton and Père Lachaise, it was time for some entertainment. While In Paris I like to go to the theatre and watch a comedy.
We went to ImproRock. A mix of rock songs and little scenes of improvisation by 2 actors.It was really funny. They had an urn in front of the stage where you had to put a little paper with a word. Those words would be the subjects of the improvs.
I really suggest to anyone going to Paris and understanding French, to go to the theatre. You can find a lot of plays for a good price and really entertaining.

The Last day

Last day of this short trip. We were so lucky with the weather that we decided to just have a walk and see where it would take us.
Our walk started at Canal Saint Martin and ended at Saint Germain.
Without even noticing and just enjoying we crossed the whole city.

Canal Saint Martin

At Canal Saint Martin
wearing Scapa Sport

To end this blogpost I have 1 tip for everyone who goes to Paris.

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